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Regenerations products feature lush ingredients from five continents from some of the most remote regions of the world.  Acai harvested from the mouth of the Amazon River, Goji Berries picked high in the grasslands of the Tibetan Himalayan Mountains, Jiaogulan Tea referred to in Chinese medical texts as the "Herb of Immortality", Mangosteen which is known as the "Queen of Fruits" and used as the traditional medical healers of India, China, Malaysia, Thailand, and Pomegranates which is native to the region from Iran to the Himalayas and in Northern India.
Steeping Jiaogulan Tea
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Anti-Aging Smoothie

Regeneration's Anti-Aging Whole Food Bar™ contains some of natures most powerful properties that can combat aging, using super levels of key nutrients with healthy inflammation response (Vitamin C-Ester and Omega 3, 6, 9).  Powerful fruit flavonoids and low-glycemic organic  ingredients allow Regenerations Anti-Aging Whole Food Bar™ to achieve 7,800 ORAC units per bar.  These ingredients nourish the body from the inside out to give the skin, body, and mind the food it needs to promote healthy aging.

In 2012 we introduced our Deep Ocean Krill Oil to our product line.

Krill are small, shrimp-like crustaceans. Antarctic Krill, which can grow to six centimeters in length and weigh two grams, live in large, dense “swarms” in Antarctic waters.

Recent human clinical studies have shown that phospholipid omega-3s from Krill may be a more desirable form of omega-3s. When compared with triglyceride omega-3s from regular fish oil, we see that less phospholipid omega-3s are required to reach equal bioavailability in the body’s cells and organs. The result is that krill oil capsules are smaller than their fish oil counterparts. Krill oil is dispersible and absorbable in the stomach fluids, eradicating the repeating & burping so common among consumers who take fish oil capsules.

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